Metal Stamping

Precision Metal Stamping at Component Engineers Inc.

Precision Metal Stamping

Over the last 30 years, CEI emerged as a leader in the precision metal manufacturing industry

What is Metal Stamping?
Metal Stamping is a manufacturing process in which sheets of metal are fed in a high tonnage press between stamping dies to cut and form metal, producing completed or semi-completed parts in high volumes at a low manufacturing cost.

The large Press Room at our facility enables us to use small progressive machines, compound, secondary dies to 300 tons of progressive stamping power, and 600 tons of coining pressure.  We also possess over-sized Press Beds for larger stamping projects.  As a result of our large Press Room and the advanced equipment within it, we can produce components with thicknesses from .0005″ to .5″.  Furthermore, we possess the technology to perform the most complex Metal Stamping jobs, including making surgical parts as well as components for the Aerospace & Defense Industry.

Heavy Gage Metal Stamping Press

Heavy Gage Metal Stamping Capabilities

Our highly advanced Press Room contains a 300-ton Minster Press that has a bed size of 108″ by 42.”  This enables us to handle large progressive tools with multiple stations.  From Coining Presses, Minster Presses, OBI Presses, Side Presses, totaling over 40 Power Presses, we perform the following Metal Stamping operations:

Moreover, we use the following materials in our Metal Stamping operations: