Swiss Machining

Swiss Machining at Component Engineers Inc.

Swiss Machining

Streamlined manufacturing coupled with talented CEI operators provides you with high volume, high quality products.

What is Swiss Machining?

Swiss Machining is a bar feed machining operation that can machine all sides of the part simultaneously, producing a completed part in a single operation, eliminating the need for second and third operations.  Swiss machining centers can hold very close tolerances up to .0001″.

Our unique production process features faster material removal as well as reduced part handling which enhances development of our service menu (turning, slotting, boring, indexing, facing, broaching, drilling, and threading). The utilization of multiple axis (x, y, and z) as well as simultaneous main spindle and sub-spindle afford us the opportunity to manufacture complex parts to your specifications.

Our CNC Swiss Machining department runs 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and is fully integrated with our Quality Control Department to assure that all features and part dimensions meet specifications.  All production jobs are monitored in real-time by utilizing in-process SPC data collection.  CEI will also handle your custom packing and delivery requirements where required.